ALL IN HER DAY'S WORK (2017-2018)

Singapore is well known for its highly developed market economy, which thrives on avowed meritocracy and high levels of competitiveness. Yet, despite the veneer of social mobility, there are labour sectors which are reliant on the persistence of traditional expectations of how women should appear, speak, and act.

Through exploring industries related to physical beauty, this photographic series uses portraiture to consider female labour and the performativity of gender. Photographed through a two-way mirror in their homes as they were getting ready for work, the series visibilises the gaze and the space between public and private self. 

This series was commissioned by the 2018 Singapore M1 Fringe Festival.

Channel News Asia - All in Her Day's Work

Lily, Beauty Coach

Chihiro, Ballerina

Lynnette, Air Stewardess

Noridah, Single Mother

Tanooja, Beauty Queen

Ally, Sex Worker

Ruimin, Chinese Dancer

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