LIKE A CASTLE (2018-2019)

One evening, as I sit with Tutriati and her five young children in their rental flat, she tells me that her children sometimes create forts out of the mattresses, pillows and blankets.

“[I want] to make this house like a castle,” she says.

Low-income single mothers are often faced with this predicament of making the best of what they are given: to make this house like a castle. In addition to the demands of care-giving and financial independence, they face discriminatory government policies that deepen inequalities.

For close to a year, I documented how single mothers navigated space in Singapore. From rental flats to public parks, the series looks at who occupies, who is seen, and who belongs. 

This project was initiated through a grant from the Global Gender Parity Initiative in Washington, DC. 

Rice Media - Singapore is Small, but for Single Mothers, It's Even Smaller

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