Bine Kaung Kyaut Pyi / A Good Woman (2014)

Since late 2011, Myanmar has undergone a series of rapid changes that has seen the country open itself to much external influence.

In collaboration with the Yangon-based Tagu Films and with support from Tufts University's Institute for Global Leadership, Chris Hnin and I sought to consider the complex nation's changes through the eyes of a number of women.

Bine Kaung Kyat Pi / A Good Woman is a documentary that explores the lives of three woman in the midst of a changing Yangon. Through the eyes of a budding journalist, a contemporary artist, and a women’s rights activist, the documentary is a composition of perspectives stitched together in an episodic format to paint a portrait of womanhood. It is one that wrestles with the tensions that come with being at the confluence of change - the past and the future, tradition and modernity, the lessons that we have learnt, and those we have to unlearn. More information on Tagu Films can be found here.

Bine Kaung Kyaut Pi / A Good Woman premiered at the 2016 Yangon Human Rights and Dignity Film Festival in Myanmar.

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