HOW THEY LOVE (2017-2019)

How They Love looks at the performativity of queer feminine identity in the context of Singapore.

Through a process of collaborative image-making, the series examines the ways in which romantic partners express desire as well as the manifestations of their individual identity formation project in the contemporary queer experience.

Brought into a studio and given an array of wedding props and costumes to choose from, the participants interact with matrimonial tropes and its constructed gender roles, resulting in images which align with their vision of self-representation. 

Projected onto the backdrop are their parents’ wedding portraits.

Made over a period of two years, the series both an attempt to validate and visibilise these identities, as well as an inquiry into appearance and engagement, as it is performed in front of the camera.

Update: In March 2020, the high court once again dismissed challenges to Section 377A, a colonial-era penal code that criminalizes sex between men. The justice ruled that this “safeguards public morality.” Queer lives continue to be sidelined in Singapore, without any legal or administrative rights, affecting their ability to obtain subsidized housing, marriage, or hospital visitations.

This series was first initiated through a residency at the Exactly Foundation in 2018, before turning into a thesis project as part of the M.A. in Visual and Media Anthropology at the Freie Universität Berlin. 

How They Love - Artsy

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