“What is it with young women and exclamation points and smiley faces! So afraid of appearing somber, always wanting to appear light and happy and sparkling, even when they are dying inside. Not ever being able to escape the mask that smiles. She wants to write, really write someday. But she is not fully formed. So she does not write. Not really. Unless attempting to live is a form of attempting to write. The agony of becoming. This is what she experiences. The young girl. She would like to be someone, anyone else. She wants, vaguely, to be something more than she is. But she does not know what that is, or how one goes about doing such a thing.” - Kate Zambreno, Green Girl

I wanted to find out what becoming a woman meant. It seemed that we had stumbled into it, finding ourselves being labelled such, without knowing how we ended up here.

I started photographing various women in Singapore, dressing them in their school uniforms, as a reflection of who they were in the past, and who they are now. 

Afterward, they would each write a letter to their younger selves.

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