SOFIA (2017-)

Sofia is an ongoing body of work looking at the intimacies of domestic labour. Through documentary photography, archival images, and text, I attempt to negotiate my personal lived experienced being raised by a domestic worker whose complex role changed my childhood.

From when I was six till I was 16 years old, my Filipino nanny, Sofia, raised me. She was an integral part of my life; at times she was closer to a mother figure than my biological mother was. She shielded me from my mother's beatings. She taught me how to ride a bike. She was the most present figure in my childhood. After ten years of care-giving in my family, she left for Toronto, where many former domestic workers settled through Canada's caregiver immigration program. 

In 2017, I went to look for her in the suburbs of Toronto, in an attempt to better understand the woman who raised me.

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