YOUNG BODY is a series looking at avatar creation as a method for repair, resistance, and agency. Its initial iteration used footage of the artist as a 12 year old tween TV actor to create a deepfake of the character E-Ching, compressing time and taking hold of her narrative once more. YOUNG BODY currently consists of the videos YOUNG BODY (2021) and public solitude (2022), the chatbot bubble (2022), archival material, the workshop How to be a Little Girl on the Internet (2021) and the experimental residency YOUNG BODIES (2022).

YOUNG BODIES (2021-2022)

YOUNG BODIES was a self-initiated residency among seven artists from different fields –Shawn Chua, ada, Tay Ining, Xafíer Yap, Chok Si Xuan, Jon Chan, and Charmaine Poh– approached through a process of gathering, unlearning, and play. The residency incubated new ideas relating to issues of the body, cyberfeminism, digital life, and speculative futures, while encouraging interdisciplinary experimentation. Workshop material can be found here

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